Wouter de Bruijn

A personal hobby website with information about me and projects I do.

About me

I am Wouter de Bruijn a 21 year old guy who is interested in all kinds of technology. I experiment with (Linux) servers, computer networking, software development, 3D printing, embedded devices and other various bits of technology. I live in The Netherlands, my passion for tech started in high school where I experimented with electronics. My school did not have a IT class, but I make projects at home and talked about it with my friends. After high school I entered college, after that I continued studying for a bachelors degree in computer science. I am still learning a lot at home with my own projects. On this website you will be able to find some of the projects I do, and general information about myself.




Website made by myself. You can use the information on my side if you link back to it. You are not allowed to copy the entire site.

You can contact me at: webmaster@wouterdebruijn.nl